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Next Level Ministries


Congratulations! You have been given a wonderful opportunity to be greatly blessed! Your spiritual well-being is important to God. He is equally concerned about your financial well-being. Money is important to God. Over 2,300 scriptures were written about money and giving. Wow! He wants you to be blessed and the way to be blessed is to give!

Thank you for your tithes and/or offering you are giving to Next Level Ministries. Be assured that you are sowing into good ground and can have the expectation that your gift will bring forth much fruit. (Luke 8:4-15) Your on-line donation allows the Gospel to be preached to those who come to church as well as those who may be sick/shut-in or away in another part of the world. Your gift is God's way of knowing that His 'house' will be covered. It supports the pastor and staff who are the arms and legs of the daily operation. Further, it allows ministry to go forth, reaching our brothers and sisters in need.   

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